Rent the musical – A review

Rent the musical – A review

I’ve always enjoyed going to the theatre, I don’t remember my first visit, but I will definitely remember this.


Today I took time to look up from my busy life and inhaled the atmosphere. On entering the reception I thought, I am not doing this without a brew, a reasonable price for a reasonably good brew, considering it was a tea bag in cup job.


I really didn’t know what I was in for, admittedly I’d never heard of this musical before but I was intrigued by the one word title. They say ignorance is bliss, in this case, I’m inclined to agree.


We got our tickets, took a quick selfie (how could we not),  and took our seats. Memories of previous visits to that same theatre flooded back, even the smell of the ever-filled seats, and the low mood lighting. Somehow time stood still, and then at 14:36 I was transported to a world of art, culture and bohemian origins.


Pulitzer Prize & Tony Award Winning Musical “Rent” is a must see. On this their 20th anniversary year.

When was the last time you went to theatre? Do you remember the first time? How did you feel?

Two words. Emotional rollercoaster. From start to finish I was overcome with seriously strong feelings.

Love, anger, amazement, bewilderment, joy, sadness.

The production is centred on a group of artistic youths struggling to survive in a world shadowed by HIV/Aids. It is full of intertwining narratives centred on love, fame and frustration.

Tears rolled down my face, from sheer amazement of the vocal talents of the cast. Two stood out.

First is Angel a promiscuous trend setter and drag queen, played by Layton Williams who shone bright like the star she is. Taking hold of the group of youths struggling to pay the rent to their former room-mate, she takes us on an emotional journey of love, respect and having each other’s backs.


Second is Jenny O’leary who plays a number of roles including “mom” but most notably, her solo in “seasons of love.” Her depth, her range and her tone, makes this girl stand out with her unbelievably incredible voice. Tears streamed on the first note, and continued to flood my face, sleeves soaked through like I’d been caught in the rain.

Never have I seen a musical with such charisma. From the moment I sat down I was taken aback by the design of the set. Placed on a backdrop on what looks like old scaffolding, but actually depicts an apartment with a sofa, a coffee table and one extension lead powering everything. Throughout the production the set plays host to every scene, changing only minimal items. Decorated with old posters, a stained glass window, graffiti and lights of all sizes it truly gives the bohemian look it strives to depict.

A truly romantic production, laced with comedy and innuendos. A production to see with your best mate not your mum.

Dripping with sexual innuendos, put forward through music and comedy, I’m not going to lie, among the best musicals I have ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot.

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