Is it too much to ask to be swept off my feet?

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“Saw this and thought of you” as he passes a big box of doughnuts.

Is it too much to ask to be swept off my feet on a day other than valentine’s day?

There seems to be a process when you get into a relationship.

Courting, sex, engagement, marriage, children, retirement and eventually DUN DUN DUN death. (Not necessarily in that order, mind)

Valentines days come and go, anniversaries come and go. You get the picture. But why, oh, why must I wait until February 14th to get a rose.

I mean come on, love is what it is. I don’t need 1 day to show my dearly beloved how much he means to me, I tell him every day.

1 word. COMMERICALISATION. Just like Christmas, Halloween, Easter. SELL! SELL! SELFISH BASTARDS! What a load of shite.

I consider myself quite lucky to be fair. My fiancée buys me flowers on occasion, (although most of the time I buy them myself) usually after I’ve had a bad day, or he’s done something wrong ha!

Why though, can’t I have flowers just because it’s Monday. Or even, I don’t need a reason.

“Saw this and thought of you”

… he passes a big box of doughnuts.


Don’t get me wrong guys, we girls are equally guilty, show your man how much you love him. Cook him a romantic meal, stick on some sexy lingerie and give him the whole experience. Keep the spice in your relationship.

Guys, take her out for a romantic walk, put on her favourite music, or do the dishes for a change!

It’s the little things in life isn’t it?

I think that gets forgotten about sometimes. We all live such hectic lifestyles, (unless you’re a student then it’s 10 times more hectic) that we forget to show appreciation for the one we love.

We are all guilty of playing that last level on candy crush, or posting that obligatory selfie of you and your brand new hoover. (I’m totally guilty of this).

Just put the bastard down, look at each other, and stare in to each other’s eyes. FRIGGIN TALK to each other. We’re slowly becoming Zombies guys.

Let’s break the cycle.

Let’s make every day valentine’s day. Just because.

Peace out!

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