It’s a girl thing

You know I hate being a girl, taking on the world on my own.

A whine and a moan here and there won’t get you anywhere. It’ll get you a name. But life isn’t a game, from the minute you exist, you turn and twist into a universe of mini skirts and skimpy shirts.

You know I hate being a girl.

I expect respect but instead I get heckled when I’m out for a run or catching a tan in the sun. It’s not fair. Why should I care about what I wear, what I eat, and repeat every diet 10 times a year. But fear the dreaded sugar cravings that come from a body paving a way through a circus of horrors, on every tomorra.

You know, I hate being a girl.

Wear trainers and a hoody and you must be gay, playing football, your gay. But that’s not a bad thing anyway, 21st century, were meant to be diverse.

Wear a short skirt and somehow you ask to be hurt. But the media, portrays this fake look. And in every book and magazine are scenes of pure sexual desire, from some sort of higher power.

It’s ok flower, your beautiful as you are, you’ll go far with legs like that.

Fat? Thin? Round? Square? Short spikey hair? Why does it matter? All this chatter is getting old, but still every magazine gets sold. Page three, dear me, aren’t you cold?

But you know, I love being a girl.

Carrying baby, feeling every kick , it tames me. Relax with candles when life gets too much to handle. All the potions and waves of emotion you go through daily, they never fail me.

Every laugh, every smile, every cuddle that lasts a while helps ground you. When you find you somewhere along the way, and decide to stay doing exactly as you are. Going far, further than before as you close one door another opens. Tell a joke with your friends, see which one bends over in pain from laughter.

Then after, you say : “You know I love being a girl.”

Staying strong, when you find where you belong that’s the moment of triumph. That oomph to get you out of bed and with a clear head you take on that task without ever asking for anything back. Staying on track, challenging yourself, believing in yourself putting the pages in that book back on the top shelf.

Because I love being a girl, taking on the world, one baby step at a time.


©srjournalism2017 All rights reserved

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