Signs you grew up in Wales

Signs you grew up in Wales

#1 You have an infinite number of fleeces, but tend to flick between 2

#2 You own more than one pair of wellies, and wear them for everything

#3 You like the smell of cow poop in the morning, it fills yer lungs and reminds you of home

#4 You say baa every time you pass a field of sheep, and moo every time you see a cow

#5 Most of the kids in your class were farmers

#6 You enjoy long walks through corn fields and forests

#7 Bus lanes confuse you

#8 You thought a sky scraper was some sort of hunting tool

#9 Saying hello to strangers is normal to you

#10. You own a million dogs, and can’t understand why other people don’t

#11 Whistling is considered a useful past time

#12 You thought Instagram was a unit of measurement

#13 Your version of social media is sitting in the pub with a pint and no phone signal

#14 You thought internet was a piece of fishing equipment

#15 You have to travel 5 miles for the nearest shop

#16 Icy weather is an excuse to take the car off-roading

#17 3 inches of snow is not an excuse to stay in bed

#18 You’ll do it now in a minute

#19 Your house sign exists at the end of your mile long drive

#20 Waiting longer than 5 minutes for public transport isn’t a big deal

#21 Rugby is probably the reason you hate England

#22 Game of Thrones is a drinking game

#23 Catching a glimpse of the sun is a spiritual experience

#24 Having to spell your town name to everyone phonetically

#25 Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch is a piece of piss to say

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