Review: M’eating Point

Surprise surprise, I’m eating again!

We had a pretty late night last night, the lads were absolutely wasted. And best thing for a hangover? A decent breakfast.

We walk past this place regularly but we’ve never been in. And as I write, he’s just said

“Best breakfast I’ve had in Llangollen in a long time”

And I wholeheartedly agree. The first thing that struck me was the simplicity of the menu. Pure and simple food. I opted for a small breakfast, I didn’t fancy a hash brown so they offered me a substitution, bacon, I mean what else could I have chosen eh?

The food arrived within 5 minutes of ordering. Orange yolk egg, perfect! Proper butcher sausages (to die for) and toast with tasty salted butter.

Now, where’re would I be without tea?

I went for a lemon and ginger on this beautiful cold morning.

M’eating point is located on the top of town on the A5, previously it was the Smithfield pub. Closed years ago that. The building seemed to have just been standing doing nothing for years. But these guys have done an awesome job with it.

You walk through the door and instantly the colours jump out at you. Blue and purple chairs, and a set of multicoloured stools on a tall table by the window. Plenty of room to sit, and a nice warm heater by the door to combat the draft from the cold air. Perfect.

Going back to the tea. Sometimes it’s nice to have the full works, pot, mug, milk etc in little separate pots, but honestly? You can’t beat a tea bag in mug job sometimes. I was thankful for it this morning, because I could just drink it straight away.

The staff here are super friendly, and seem to like a chat. And funnily enough, it was full of locals when we were in. Which is unusual to me, because Llan is such a tourist town. I think it’s great that the locals have found a place to go.

The prices are reasonable, and to be honest the quality of the food is top notch, so actually, the prices are excellent.

M’eating point gets 5 stars from me on quality, customer services, comfort and pricing.

I’ll definitely be eating here again soon!

Soph x


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