“Your music isn’t cool anymore” an open letter to douchebag snobs: Guest Post

My good friend Kyle has made it into the sr-journalism hall of fame with this massively entertaining, beautifully written piece. The first guest post of hopefully many on my blog. Kyle writes for www.egwyl.com and I absolutely love his writing style. Be sure to check out his review of Star Wars – The force awakens sheer brilliance people.


“Your music isn’t cool anymore” an open letter to douchebag snobs

I may not seem that old, I’m only 26, which puts me in an awkward position where I both know how to work my smart phone, but can remember the days where there was one house phone on a table in the hall. Where I rely entirely on my broadband connection but remember the sound of dial up modems and the pain of being kicked off the computer because someone needed the phone. I know the cloud exists, but if an IT guy told me it worked by magic I would not have the facts to refute his claims.

So basically I’m old but not so old I don’t think I’m still cool

Oh god that’s one of the signs!

That is until I recently found out that a lot of the music on my ipod labels me as being distinctly uncool, or a predator, although I don’t see why I can’t be a totally normal guy and still want to listen to the Frozen soundtrack.

I really started getting into music in the early 2000’s at the ripe old age of 9, an adorable cuddly 2 foot 5 ball of cynicism I was.

And back then my music was pretty cool.

Although what a twist it would be if I never was

I was into mainly punk rock revival and pop punk; so Blink 182, Offspring, Rancid, Greenday, I could go on.

Oh and Less Than Jake… those guys are the tits.

So how hurt was I to be told at a party recently by one of the all knowing anonymous youth that my music is (in his exact words) “really gay and stupid”, progressive parents at work here.

I seriously have to make the point that this hurt, music, more I believe than any other media is the one which truly sticks with you for life.

Yeah you may pretend that you don’t listen to your guilty shame anymore, but anybody around my age you know that if teenage dirtbag ever comes on all you want to do is sing along till your lungs bleed.

But the sad fact is that, technically our music is now outdated and stupid, so say the youth, and that’s really not anything new; I like a lot of the music my dad likes now that I’m older but back in the day the Doors sounded like a bunch of mouldy old relics

I am so sorry Jim Morrison please don’t come back as a ghost and beat me up

But see the problem as I see it isn’t age, and here’s where we’re going to get a bit academic and sociological and s**t.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s such a thing as bad music.

The issue is that many people mislabel “music I don’t like” as “music nobody should like” and why?

It honestly makes no sense, think about it, music is an art form and one of the defining characteristics of art is that it is subjective, what one person loves another may hate, and that’s fine it’s all down to your interpretation of the art.

This is the part of this discussion which, unfortunately undermines a large portion of what I do, but honestly you really can’t quantify art.

Music, TV, movies, books, comics, cartoons, video games, they’re all art, and they all have their own frauds like me who want to tell you what’s good art and what’s bad art when in reality the two concepts simply do not exist.

Art is subjective, the experience different for each person.

Really what the idea of good and bad music truly comes down to is the old enemy, the power of the man! It suits the music industry to have the established gatekeeper of the critic, if you provide the material that you know that one person will love, they will then tell the masses that your music is “good”.

Never admit to anyone to having a “guilty pleasure” when you reveal your love for cotton eye Joe, it’s not anything you should hide away it’s just a piece of art that you enjoyed.

And ultimately, enjoyment, reaction and feeling are (in my honest yet in the context of this piece somewhat hypocritical opinion) the only real measures of truly great art.

So to all the snobs, cynics and douchebags who want to use a persons taste in music as a way to run them down or to claim a higher intellectual or cultural high horse, let me just say these two things.

First, shut up, nobody likes douchey dillweeds and second, when Beethoven premiered his 9th symphony many critics hated Ode to Joy… be on the right side of history, don’t be a music snob.

Kyle Sutherland

An absolutely awesome piece that resonates with me completely! Head over to www.egwyl.com to see more of Kyles stuff

Featured image – GeoffreyWhiteway of freereangestock.com

One comment

  1. Well said Kyle. Music is a personal choice.
    My old friend Hughie and I play the Blues, good old-fashioned Delta Blues. We can play it acoustically but generally plug in so people don’t have to shut up to listen.
    Having reached my ‘Sell-By Date’ – three score years and ten – I rarely consider what other people think of me. I am the original WYSIWYG, if you don’t like me, fine, go and talk to someone else. So, where’s this going.
    Last night Hughie and I played at a pub in Minera. It was their 3rd Jam Night and the place was packed. It was most rewarding to be complemented on ‘The Blues’ by some of the youngest people in there (still over 18, or does that make them too old?). So, Kyle, you’ve a long way to go to catch me up, like your own music and do your own thing. It seems that what goes around, comes around – long live the Blues!
    PS, I also like Bach’s Toccatas and Fugues – my favourite is the d minor.


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