Welcome, Idris

My absolute world got turned upside down (for the good) when this little fella came to live with us.

Everyone, Meet Idris.

We had discussed getting a dog before, and the answer was always the same.

No, we can’t have a dog, it just wouldn’t be practical

And yet here we are.

Before Christmas, I’d had what I would call “a mental break down”. I had lost my Nain in June, things weren’t great between Iain and I, and to be honest, looking back, I hate myself and what I put everyone through.

We’re back now though, and stronger than ever.

After nearly losing absolutely everything and after a good talking to from my mum, things slowly began to improve.

We sat in my mum’s living room a few weeks before Christmas, and we decided that to further improve my mental health, we should get a dog. Apparently having a dog has been proven to be beneficial to human health.

Safe to say Iain was not happy, but if you could see them now….

Iain and Idris

Does that look like a guy who doesn’t want a dog? It’s so funny seeing them together, and annoyingly I think Idris secretly prefers Iain. But I don’t mind.

I remember the day we brought him home. He was almost 9 weeks old……


Today he’s a chunky 5 months old (almost) and he is progressing amazingly with his training! He can sit, lie down, shake a paw, go to bed, go to his chair, and even stands on command! Not to mention the house training which was pretty much complete in the first 2 weeks. He sits himself by the front door and stares blankly at me until I get up with the lead, on which he is also doing AMAZINGLY! Bless him!

I bought him a paddling pool the other day, he’s not spoiled, I promise. And he absolutely loves it. I don’t like taking him out when it’s too hot, so I thought a paddling pool would combat the problem. He can go out whenever he wants, and cool down when he needs to. Win win.


The wedding will be here in under 5 weeks, and guess who’s getting involved? Idris is going to be our ring bearer. I’ll keep you updated on this, and whether or not it all goes to plan….doubt it…..

Bye for now!



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