A visit to Glastonbury

A visit to Glastonbury

No, I don’t mean the festival. I’m not really a festival go’er. I prefer the simpler things in life, like walking around historic towns and buildings taking in the scenery and doing a bit of shopping for items that will probably sit in my house for years, gathering dust.

Before I carry on, I just want to say that photography is not a skill I was blessed with, so I apologise in advance for the awful photo’s. I do think they show what they need to, but nothing can compare to being at this magnificent location taking in every scent, sight and sound.

Since a hen do is out of the question for me, I decided that a simple weekend away with my mum and my sister would suffice. It wasn’t actually planned. My mum and I were talking about the place for some reason, and somehow we booked a hotel and we were off to Glastonbury.

I’m not going to bore you with travel details, but a 3.5 hour journey took us nearer 6. M5 car park, need I say more?

Day 1

Actually it was more of an evening. We arrived at around 5pm and didn’t want to waste what little time we had down there. Seeing as it was a 5 minute walk from our b&b we went to the Abbey. Probably where King Arthur and Guinevere’s tomb was found.


This beautiful Abbey was breathtaking. Even though only ruins exist today, you get a real feel for what would have been all those years ago. This place is huge, this photo doesn’t do it justice.

One thing that stood out to me, was that red roses had been left all over the grounds. On the altar, on the probable site where King Arthurs tomb was found, and on a rock which was also adorned with different crystals.

I never did find out why these roses had been left, but I imagine they were left by deeply spiritual beings showing their respect to this magnificent place.

Day 2

Saturday was a great day, we’d planned to visit the sacred White springs and Chalice well. I think this was the highlight of my weekend, though photos were not allowed in the white springs which was a shame. But it was truly amazing.

Chalice well. This is one of Britain’s most ancient wells, visitors come from across the world to experience the quiet healing of this spiritual place. It is situated at the foot of Glastonbury Tor, and is the place to visit if you take a trip to Glastonbury.

The gardens were beautiful, and we were lucky enough to see all of the flowers in bloom.

The colours were so vibrant, and the smell was delicious.

The well itself, is only a small structure, but feeds the water that runs through the garden. The water is said to have healing properties.


Here’s Mum and Jazz dipping their toes in. They won’t thank me for including these photos.

Being pregnant, I didn’t really want to try this, though I did put my hands in and my gosh was it cold.

A bit further up the gardens, was the Lion fountain, this water is safe to drink and on the way in you can purchase bottles to fill up and take with you. Again I didn’t drink the water but Mum and Jazz did.

Here we are filling up our bottles (the one way I could get involved).

This feeds a stunning waterfall just a little further down the gardens. This was adorned with crystals too. We couldn’t, or rather, I couldn’t resist a silly photo with Jazz. How impressed does she look?

An absolutely stunning place, the orange in the water is from the iron in the water.

At the bottom of the gardens there is another absolutely stunning piece of artwork as I call it. A fountain where people can drop their coins in and make their wishes. But mostly just somewhere to feel the peace and tranquility, taking in the sounds of the running water. Bliss.

We weren’t allowed to take photos in the white springs, but that was OK. Respecting the centuries old traditions was much more important. You enter the springs through an iron gate and go down into what resembles a tomb. Inside there is running water everywhere, and in the middle a huge bath like structure. This is where you can enter the water and experience the healing, its only shallow but wow. Above this was the submersion pool. If you jumped into here your whole body would be submersed.

In each corner there were shrines to gods and goddesses, adorned with beautiful decorations and it was all lit by candles. It was truly magical.

Outside the spring there were pipes which fed the well water out. Here’s Jazz having a proper look.

For me it was all about day 2. Had I not visited these 2 amazing places, I’d have regretted it forever.

The Tor

We didn’t climb the Tor on this occasion, but it was OK. Mum and I had done so before and had taken in the breathtaking views, and the physically breathtaking walk. Jazz wasn’t too fussed, she’s not much of a walker bless her.


Day 3

We headed home fairly early after breakfast, but we made a detour through Bath. What a decision. The Roman baths were amazing. I’m not going to go on about the history and what not. There are websites on here that already do that. But what I will say is, make sure you visit. And get yourselves to Sally Luns Tea rooms. The best meal I had eaten all weekend, recommended by the Boss. The photo’s show how good it was. LOOSE LEAF TEA!!! ‘Nuff said.

The end

The weekend seemed to fly by, but I was glad to get home to my own bed. One thing I want to mention before I finish is the B&B. It was just the BEST place I had ever stayed at. 1 Park Terrace, Glastonbury. Soft, comfy bed, cooked breakfast in the morning, and the nicest, loveliest, kindest owners ever. They strived to go above and beyond for us, including making Jazz a bacon butty to take with her on the road. Seeing as she couldn’t get up early enough ha!

Sunday morning Mum wasn’t really feeling a cooked breakfast, we’d eaten a lot over the weekend. But I was going to have bacon and toast. The gentleman owner came through and said something along the lines of.

I went to school to be a chef to cook good food for everyone. When you say you only want toast it makes me feel like it was a waste. So how about I drop a mistake sausage onto your plate, or maybe two, and you can eat them, or not.

This made us laugh. I did end up eating the sausages because they were SO GOOD!! These guys were so kind, I just cannot explain how absolutely lovely they were. They had fantastic knowledge of the area, and their sense of humour was ace.

Highly recommend them. But if you book, go directly to them. Don’t use the middle man! They are very helpful and go above and beyond for their guests.

Sorry for such a long post. But I had to share the experience with all of you. Sheer bliss.



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