Sophie loves – All things Bees

Bees, Bees, Bees


I cannot stand insects generally. Put a wasp in my midst and I will swat that critter like a pancake! Call me mean, I don’t care. But wasps are pointless creatures that are really dumb, getting themselves into rooms and then not being able to get out again, despite the HUGE open door in the middle of the room.

Other critters…

Spiders, ants, flies etc all get scooped up into a glass and get set free to continue their life journeys. But wasps. JUST NO!


Bees are different, I do not feel any sort of anxiety towards bees. I am very aware that these magnificent creatures are imperative to our ecosystem, pollinating all of our flowers and crops and looking pretty darn good doing it. And just recently, a law was passed that banned all bee harming neonics on all crops here in the UK.

I am not a sciency person, so I implore you to head over to friends of the earth to find out why this law is so important to our country and to our bees (and you can find out about all the important work they do).

Sophie Loves…

I went back to work after 8 weeks off having had hyperemesis to find they had been developing a brand new range of bee products. I work at the House Nameplate company during the week and we make house signs, letterboxes and lots of other stuff.

I was absolutely made up with the new Bee Range, and what makes it better is that for every product we sell, £1 will be donated to Friends of The Earth. That’s pretty awesome!

Aren’t they gorgeous? I think so! We’ll be investing in one of these soon, once the wedding is out of the way and we begin working on the house.

Oh, just to add, The House Nameplate Company are getting their very own Bees in June. We can’t wait.

I love bees, and I am passionate about making sure our species remain.


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