Pregnancy – UPDATE

Hello readers!

I have been away for a little over 2 months, but I’m back, and hoping to get a few posts out before little’un arrives!

This is just a quick update post about how baby, Iain and I have been getting on. So without further a do…

30 Weeks

We’re 30 weeks plus a couple of days as I write. Baby is moving around like there’s no tomorrow, and I seem to have a foot in my right lung constantly. Head down, and not moving for anyone, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when baby might arrive.


We have purchased a beautiful cot from the wonderful href=””>Ikea. It’s a beautiful grey number, it’s their most expensive, but to be fair price to me isn’t a thing. Iain loved it, he liked the grey and secretly, I think he’s more excited than anyone else to meet our little’un. Some might say he’s a bit over excited. Though I think he’s in for a shock. We both are.

We paid £180 for the cot itself which has 3 drawers in the bottom and it can be lowered as you need it to be and eventually it turns into a toddler bed.

The mattress came in at £65 it’s firm but soft enough to be comfortable, but there are others that you can buy depending on what suits you. We also bought a bumper to stop baby hitting their head. It is like a bag, the mattress just sits inside making it safe and secure for baby.

Ours is currently full of baby stuff, soft toys, and other useful items until we finish decorating. We’ve got 9 weeks. Lets hope we get it finished eh. Though baby will be in our room for the first 6 months.


We were lucky enough to be given a pushchair, part of a travel system. The Silvercross Wayfarer. It is actually beautiful. A vibrant cherry red, and so easy to use.

Buying it new, the system comes with a car seat, Moses basket and toddler stroller type piece for the future. Baby should be in the Moses basket for the first 6 months. The car seat is suitable up until about 12 months, or until they outgrow it.

You do need to purchase the isofix base for the car seat, its around £145 wherever you get it from. We got ours from href=”″>Mother care, and the beauty is. Once you’re finished with it, there will always be someone, somewhere who will take it off your hands.

The car seat was missing from what we were given, so we purchased this for £150. The set is truly beautiful. Here’s the Chelsea version, the most popular. You can buy the full set for around £810.

Everything else

We’ve got ourselves lots of little clothes for baby. We’ve stocked up on sizes up to 12 months, so hopefully we’ll be pretty set for the time being. Though I doubt i’ll be able to help myself if I’m out and about and see a cute outfit.

We’re inundated with soft toys, we purchased a copy of Idris from href=””>Ikea. he was £13 and he’s so totally cute.

Can’t tell the difference can you? ha!

We think we’re pretty set. Our Mums have been awesome, helping us out where they can. It’s scary to think, and a wave of butterflies have just crossed my stomach that I will soon be taking on that title.


So, we went for a 4D scan last week. Just because we’d seen others have it done and thought it was pretty flipping amazing. If It’s OK with you guys, I’m not going to share the image. I’d like to keep that private. But it really was amazing! We got to see our baby and it actually hit us that, yes. There is a human in there. Wriggling around, waiting to grace our world with their tiny presence.

It’s just as well we went for the scan, because the ultrasound guy took some measurements for us and told us that we’d be best getting in touch with our midwife as baby is on the small side. So Monday came and I rang the day unit at our chosen hospital. They asked me to go straight in for monitoring and organised an emergency scan as she was measuring quite small.

We’ve since had the scan, and we’re going to be monitored more closely from now until baby arrives. But otherwise, baby and I are fine.

I’m going to leave it there. I just wanted to update you all. Now it’s time to relax, rest and spend some time at home with my boy Idris and with my feet up.

Bye for now.


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