Our New Bathroom


I have finally managed to get a post into the Home and Garden section. It’s about bloody time.

We moved into this house back in 2014, the bathroom has been hideous ever since. Until now that is.

It had very dated 70’s tiles, a pale white with a pink floral design throughout the whole room. A toilet, a sink and a bath with no shower. Just a shower head/tap ensemble.

For some reason, I never managed to get any photo’s of it as it was. I had meant to, but my pregnancy had other ideas.

I hated it.

I hated having to get up 1/2 hour earlier every single morning, to run the bath, wash my hair separately. And as baby and I were growing, it got much more difficult to get in and out. We desperately needed a shower.

We had been given cash gifts from the wedding, and we are so grateful for that, because it has meant we can get our bathroom done, properly.

We knew what sort of design we wanted.

Metro tiles, you know the long embossed ones. You will find similar ones on the London underground. We decided to go to topps tiles, and they had exactly what we needed.

We opted for plain white, with some grey. And a grey grout too. You can see what we did here.

Our New Bathroom

Gorgeous isn’t it? ❤

We got our appliances from Victorian Plumbing. I had seen the adverts and thought actually, this is our best bet for decent, but not over priced stuff. You’ve seen the adverts, no middle man! 

Unfortunately, places like B&Q, Home base, were just ridiculously over priced, and to be honest, they weren’t the best quality either.

We went for an L shaped bath, complete with screen. Water fall taps for both bath and sink. Square loo a sink built in to a cabinet for a bit of extra storage, and a heated towel rail.


We went for a mid range shower. I had been told by a few people…

Make sure you buy decent taps, and a decent shower. Mira, or Triton.

So we ended up going for a Mira. We paid something like £170 for it, and it really is brilliant. I almost cried when I got in for the first time. Sad I know. Chrome to match the grey tiles, and the towel rail.

The work

I really can’t explain how amazing this is. And I have to say a special thanks to our AWESOME plumber Andy, a young lad with his own business who I stumbled upon through google a few years back.

Since then he has been my go to guy for everything. He fitted our bathroom along with the help of his recommended tiler and electrician, and has been doing our boiler service regularly.

He’s a great guy to chat to, very pleasant and polite and he has recommended a plasterer for us too. For another bit of the house which I will come to write about soon!

Our New Bathroom

So, there it is. Our brand new gorgeous, modern bathroom. Complete in time for me to come home from hospital. It was a huge surprise and I am so grateful to everyone who helped us make it happen.


Soph x


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