12 minutes to save our lives

Before I go any further. I felt I needed to write this blog post. It’s been 11 days, and I am still struggling to come to terms with what happened. I sit here in tears.


Pre eclampsia – know the signs

Yes, I am going to confess here, something that may upset some. But if you’re feeling the way I am, unable to leave the ward, unable to update my surname on some important docs, unable to walk my pooch around the block, unable to do. Anything.

REVIEW: The Carriage Tea Rooms

Review: The Carriage Tea Rooms


I’ve been visiting Llangollen Railway for years. I’ve watched the tea rooms change hands, and each new owner brought their own stamp. Even if that stamp was pure ruin.

Not now though. The new guys are awesome. Putting your own stamp on things has a new meaning with the Taylors.

Its family run with a couple of extras, who in fairness are treated like family and that comes across. No one ever looks sad, or annoyed, or bored. Everyone is always busy with something, and you can have a proper laugh with them all.

So they started with a traditional tea rooms. The ideas have flowed ever since. They have recently developed an old railway carriage into a beautiful, Carriage tea rooms. I went along over the weekend to give it a go. Safe to say I was not disappointed.

I’m a massive foodie. I LOVE food. And when you can get a decent meal, for a great price. Who can argue?

We started off with a drink. I had to have a latte. I fancied gingerbread, but they had run out. I wasn’t complaining, I went to my second favourite option. Caramel. YUMMY!


It had been raining all day, I wasn’t fancying cold food so I opted for soup and a sandwich. Oh my goodness. Broccoli and cheddar soup, homemade. Perfect. Usually I have to add salt and/or pepper to my soups. But this was spot on.

I went for a traditional egg mayo butty. I’ve not a clue how it was made but oh sweet jesus it was the best egg butty I’d had in a long time. I just love egg mayo.

I’d eaten every last scrap. I don’t do waste.

My Waist on the other hand, says otherwise. BUT. YOLO!

The atmosphere was great. We sat next to the window, the weather was quite eerie actually. They had a heater set up for us, it was a bit chilly, but we weren’t too bothered. All we wanted was food, we’d just been to the gym. We deserved a warm treat.


We could’ve stopped there, but we don’t do things by half here in Wales. Go big or Go home! So we had hot chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream. OH. OH. OH.

You need to visit this place if you haven’t already, its excellent. The atmosphere, the nostalgia, the food and the company is great. Friendly staff you can have a laugh with that’ll meet your every need, be it coffee and cake, cheese and wine.

5 stars from me!

Signs you grew up in Wales

Signs you grew up in Wales

#1 You have an infinite number of fleeces, but tend to flick between 2

#2 You own more than one pair of wellies, and wear them for everything

#3 You like the smell of cow poop in the morning, it fills yer lungs and reminds you of home

#4 You say baa every time you pass a field of sheep, and moo every time you see a cow

#5 Most of the kids in your class were farmers

#6 You enjoy long walks through corn fields and forests

#7 Bus lanes confuse you

#8 You thought a sky scraper was some sort of hunting tool

#9 Saying hello to strangers is normal to you

#10. You own a million dogs, and can’t understand why other people don’t

#11 Whistling is considered a useful past time

#12 You thought Instagram was a unit of measurement

#13 Your version of social media is sitting in the pub with a pint and no phone signal

#14 You thought internet was a piece of fishing equipment

#15 You have to travel 5 miles for the nearest shop

#16 Icy weather is an excuse to take the car off-roading

#17 3 inches of snow is not an excuse to stay in bed

#18 You’ll do it now in a minute

#19 Your house sign exists at the end of your mile long drive

#20 Waiting longer than 5 minutes for public transport isn’t a big deal

#21 Rugby is probably the reason you hate England

#22 Game of Thrones is a drinking game

#23 Catching a glimpse of the sun is a spiritual experience

#24 Having to spell your town name to everyone phonetically

#25 Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch is a piece of piss to say